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Update: Still Pressing Forward

Where have you been?  Shortly after Thanksgiving I got really sick and had to miss about a week in the gym.  As a result of the ONE week absence I hadn’t felt motivated to go back.  That one week turned into about 6 weeks!!  I’m planning on starting back tomorrow. Have you eaten fast food? […]

Weigh-In Day

  This week I actually gained 2 lbs. from last week.  I expected that to happen because I added a creatine supplement to my diet.  One of the effects of creatine is water weight gain.  So far I’m o.k with the amount of muscle I’m gaining; however, I want to expedite the fat loss. I […]

Picture of the Day: Love Hate Relationship

Because I Hate you Love Handles… We all have that one area of our bodies that we just absolutely loathe and for me it’s my pesky love handles obliques. Over the next 11 months I intend to blast those dreaded fat deposits into oblivion with a regimen that includes a lot of the exercises found here… […]

It’s All About the Numbers: The Difference Between Winning and Losing

The stage is set.  Veteran’s Day, Soldier Field, a perfect 70 degree day, and two warriors are set to take the field.  Houston Texans at Chicago Bears.  Go Bears! The difference between winning and losing will come down to the numbers. Pennies, centimeters, pounds, etc., numbers can show up in an innumerable amount of ways. […]

October: Reaching My Goals Through “Peerspiration”

As I approach closing out my first month towards living a healthier lifestyle, I look back and I don’t know how I could have done this with out all of the INSPIRATION I’ve received from my PEERS throughout the blogosphere (hence the term “peerspiration”..cheesy? my wife came up with this lol).  Each and every one […]


It’s weigh in day! Before I even stepped on the scale I knew that I had lost weight.  I felt lighter.  I felt more energetic.  The week for me was not without its challenges though.  There were times I absolutely did not want to go to the gym.  That is where having a workout partner […]

New Breakthrough in Weight Loss:

Locusts and Honey Starting this journey, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what my diet should look like: High protein, low carb, low fat diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.  That’s not a bad blueprint is it?  I mean, how many times have we heard nutrition enthusiast say, “You know […]