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Picture of the Day: Jojo’s New “Hairdo”

  This is only temporary…I’m looking forward to cutting it when he turns a year old!

Picture of the Day: No Pictures Please


Picture of the Day: Love Hate Relationship

Because I Hate you Love Handles… We all have that one area of our bodies that we just absolutely loathe and for me it’s my pesky love handles obliques. Over the next 11 months I intend to blast those dreaded fat deposits into oblivion with a regimen that includes a lot of the exercises found here… […]

Photo of the Day: Chocolate Chip Banana Pumpkin Bread

So my wife got this recipe from a friend of ours over at Coffee Cake and Cardio.  She made a few variations (bananas instead of applesauce and dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet).  Our friend Ashley actually had hers with Ice Cream!!  Sinful!! You guys have got to try this!  

Photo of the Day: Reason #3

  Meet Jojo:) Josiah is my second born, and one of the three reasons I continue on this journey.  I think if this undertaking was just for my benefit, then I would have ended on day one (maybe day two, tops!).  But every time I look at JoJo (along with my wife and other son) […]

Photo of the Day: Chili mmMMmm, It’s What’s for Dinner

Rainy, cold day?  Nothing warms the heart and soul better than a nice bowl of chili.   *note: my wife wanted me to make sure that I relayed to the public that I cut the green onions.  [because I cut them too big lol.]*  Yummy! It’s what’s for dinner!!