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Still NO Fries: Workout and Nutrition Plan

My WORKOUT & NUTRITION Plan Week1: Monday:  Legs (emphasis on Quads) and Chest Tuesday:  Shoulders and Back          Wednesday:  Cardio and Arms Thursday:  Rest Friday:  Chest and Legs Saturday:  Rest Sunday:  Cardio and Abs Week2: Monday:  Cardio and Chest Tuesday:  Cardio Shoulders and Back         Wednesday:  Cardio and Arms Thursday:  Cardio/Rest Friday:  Cardio and Legs Saturday:  Rest […]


Once again it’s time for me to post November’s insights from my peers that have really motivated and inspired me.  I truly hope that the comments below will inspire and encourage others as well.   C. A. Mitchell · November 4, 2012  on I’m NOT a LOSER: Weigh-In Day Pleeaase don’t step on the scales – they […]

Motivation 101

  I have used every one of these excuses before to not work out.  This video is very motivational.  Sometimes we have to stop BS’n ourselves out of doing those things that we know we should be doing.  Stop the excuses and “JUST DO IT.”

Finding My Way Out of a Bag of DORITOS®

“I’m Going to Eat Myself into a Coma, While Occasionally Saying Thanks for Something Day” has officially come and gone.  All that’s left is the four pounds I’ve gained and the funky mood I’ve acquired because of it. It’s as if the scale knew about my discretions: the 3 wedges of caramel cake; bowl of peach […]

Free-Dumb: You Choose

As a lad, I can remember being forced to eat my vegetables; forced to wear “hand me down” clothes; forced to come home before the street lights came on; and so forth, and so forth, and so forth.  All of the liberties that I had been born with were stripped from me at the signal […]

Gym Chronicles

The Gym—a place where you can—sweat profusely while jamming to Right Said Fred; burn calories to your hearts discontent; wear a sweat band and fanny pack and not be laughed at; walk around completely naked in the locker room letting everyone see how much your body resembles melted plastic; a place where you can wear […]

October: Reaching My Goals Through “Peerspiration”

As I approach closing out my first month towards living a healthier lifestyle, I look back and I don’t know how I could have done this with out all of the INSPIRATION I’ve received from my PEERS throughout the blogosphere (hence the term “peerspiration”..cheesy? my wife came up with this lol).  Each and every one […]