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Motivation 101

  I have used every one of these excuses before to not work out.  This video is very motivational.  Sometimes we have to stop BS’n ourselves out of doing those things that we know we should be doing.  Stop the excuses and “JUST DO IT.”

Weigh-In Day

  This week I actually gained 2 lbs. from last week.  I expected that to happen because I added a creatine supplement to my diet.  One of the effects of creatine is water weight gain.  So far I’m o.k with the amount of muscle I’m gaining; however, I want to expedite the fat loss. I […]

I’m NOT a LOSER: Weigh-In Day

Today I stepped on the scale and to my surprise… I hadn’t lost ANY weight! I can’t explain to you what that did to me.  I have really given up a lot, so I expect the garsh darn scale to yield results reflecting such.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…Muscle shmuscle!  I get it.  That doesn’t mean I’m […]

Half-Ton Mom: Worlds Heaviest Woman

My wife and I were flipping through channels the other day and came across a show on TLC called, “Half-Ton Mom: Worlds Heaviest Woman.” Immediately I was intrigued.  I wanted to see what a half-ton woman looked like.  As the story of this lady’s life (Renee Williams) unfolded, I began surmising how this story was […]

OH NO, it’s WEIGH-IN Day!!

I have been excited and nervous about this day since the week started.  It took a lot of restraint to not weigh myself all week.  Nonetheless, I made it through and here we are. Before I get to my weigh-in results let me give a run down on how my week went.  I worked out […]

I Put a Spell on You, and Now You’re Mine

Convenience, Comfort, Cravings, and Cost.  If you eat fast food it’s because of one of those reasons.  The whole reason I’m starting this journey is to prove to MYSELF that not one of those reasons have EVER created a necessity for me to eat fast food. There is always another option.  Or so I’m out […]

Why Don’t You Just Give Up?

It doesn’t take long for that demon named “Quitter” to find out where you reside and start planting its seeds of doubt.  This is only Day 2 for me and already I’ve wondered if I’ve embarked upon too grand of a challenge. From work to home I pass about 20 different fast food establishments and […]