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Still NO Fries: Workout and Nutrition Plan

My WORKOUT & NUTRITION Plan Week1: Monday:  Legs (emphasis on Quads) and Chest Tuesday:  Shoulders and Back          Wednesday:  Cardio and Arms Thursday:  Rest Friday:  Chest and Legs Saturday:  Rest Sunday:  Cardio and Abs Week2: Monday:  Cardio and Chest Tuesday:  Cardio Shoulders and Back         Wednesday:  Cardio and Arms Thursday:  Cardio/Rest Friday:  Cardio and Legs Saturday:  Rest […]

Weigh-In Day

  This week I actually gained 2 lbs. from last week.  I expected that to happen because I added a creatine supplement to my diet.  One of the effects of creatine is water weight gain.  So far I’m o.k with the amount of muscle I’m gaining; however, I want to expedite the fat loss. I […]

Picture of the Day: Love Hate Relationship

Because I Hate you Love Handles… We all have that one area of our bodies that we just absolutely loathe and for me it’s my pesky love handles obliques. Over the next 11 months I intend to blast those dreaded fat deposits into oblivion with a regimen that includes a lot of the exercises found here… […]

Over 1000 Calories Burned; But Who’s Counting?

After I burned over 1100 calories in the gym, I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw… Actual image of course was a little less inspiring… How’s everyone else’s Sunday fairing so far?

I’m NOT a LOSER: Weigh-In Day

Today I stepped on the scale and to my surprise… I hadn’t lost ANY weight! I can’t explain to you what that did to me.  I have really given up a lot, so I expect the garsh darn scale to yield results reflecting such.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…Muscle shmuscle!  I get it.  That doesn’t mean I’m […]

Why Don’t You Just Give Up?

It doesn’t take long for that demon named “Quitter” to find out where you reside and start planting its seeds of doubt.  This is only Day 2 for me and already I’ve wondered if I’ve embarked upon too grand of a challenge. From work to home I pass about 20 different fast food establishments and […]