Still NO Fries: Workout and Nutrition Plan



Monday:  Legs (emphasis on Quads) and Chest

Tuesday:  Shoulders and Back         

Wednesday:  Cardio and Arms

Thursday:  Rest

Friday:  Chest and Legs

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday:  Cardio and Abs


Monday:  Cardio and Chest

Tuesday:  Cardio Shoulders and Back        

Wednesday:  Cardio and Arms

Thursday:  Cardio/Rest

Friday:  Cardio and Legs

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday:  Cardio and Abs


Plant based protein, BCAA, Green Tea Extract, Wheat Germ, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and Creatine

Nutrition Goals

High Protein, Moderate Carb, Low Fat diet

Protein: 200-260g/day

Carbohydrates:  130-180g/day

Fat: 50-60g/day

2000-2500 calories/day


Meal 1:  Chicken Breast/Turkey Breast w Vegetables with Scrambled eggs

Meal 2:  Almonds, Raisins, Turkey and Cheese Bagel

Meal 3:  Chicken Breast/Turkey Breast w Vegetables with Scrambled eggs

Meal 4:  Pasta Salad

Meal 5:  Chicken Breast/Turkey Breast, Vegetables with Scrambled eggs & Brown rice Stir Fry

Meal 6:  Protein Shake (Before bed)


Meal 1:  Chicken Breast/Turkey Breast w Vegetables

Meal 2:  Orange, Turkey and Cheese Bagel

Meal 3:  Chicken Breast/Turkey Breast w Vegetables

Meal 4:  Protein Shake

Meal 5:  Chicken Breast/Turkey Breast, Vegetables, Brown rice

Meal 6:  Protein Shake w/o Fruit (Before bed)

What do you think??



  1. Jason, this is really impressive! I agree with Create Whole Health about the leafy greens. If you aren’t crazy about them, you can add them to your protein shake. Make the shake in your blender (needs to have some real power to it) and add a half cup or more, to taste, of spinach or kale. Or explore some green smoothie recipes on line. One last thought – you are clearly working hard here, but don’t forget to have some fun along the way!
    You stopped by my blog not long ago – thank you for that. I’ll be checking in now to see how you are doing. Best wishes!!

  2. Congrats on your efforts and progress! Great workout routine! The only comments I have are about your food- bagels may not be the best choice since they are a refined carb loaded with white flour, sugar, starches, etc….I would cut those out if you are trying to lose weight. And unless you’re trying to gain weight and muscle- the before bed protein shake might be adding extra unused calories. Might be good to let your digestive system rest at night. Are you adding in any dark leafy greens like kale/spinach/chard for calcium, protein and phytonutrients? Try some colorful veggies (carrots, beets, broccoli, etc) in place of the refined carbs (pasta/bagel). Also the turkey and chicken is probably really high in sodium which could cause water retention/weight gain. Perhaps swap out one of those for a plant based protein like beans/lentils? Check out my blog for some good veggie recipes! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a winning plan to me. Best wishes.

  4. Wow, so happy to see you back and ready with such a good plan! I agree with everyone elses comments. If you have any time, which I know can be hard to come by with all the working out, try to roast any almonds/walnuts/nuts since it makes it MUCH easier for our bodies to extract the nutrients out of them that way. (I like to roast a huge batch and keep them in jars, that way they are ready to add to salads/shakes/snack bags without having to take time to roast them every time).

    All I would add to your list is to drink tons of WATER! Maybe to make it easy just try to have one bottle first thing when you wake up and then at least one bottle with each meal. Staying super hydrated makes ALL the difference in feeling full and helping out bodies process all the nutrients and to re-heal after workouts.

    Have an awesome two weeks, can’t wait to hear back!

  5. Looking good! Interesting split with the chest and legs on the same day! I’m liking it

  6. From today, I should go on a diet x)

  7. Keep up the good work! I am two months with no chips or pretzels, so fries will be the next hill I conquer. I hope.

    1. You can do it!!

  8. By comparison: I gain weight if I take in over 40 grams of carbs per day. FORTY. That’s WITH working out.

  9. I agree- as to the bagels- try Viva Low-Carb’s Carb Kruncher’s bagels for the chew and flavor without the carbs. I have lost 20 lbs and kept it off ( five pounds of mine does go up and down monthly, and that’s when I oops- overdo the carbs). This was true even before I began working out, which has actually increased my weight a bit. Otherwise, the plan sounds good. Also keep in mind that certain fats are OK, and even help the body to burn fat. Avocado, walnuts, salmon and sardines come to mind. These are all great for MEN, especially. Lots of salads- don’t worry about the dressing as long as it’s low in sugar. Almonds are another great snack addition that are GREAT for you. Check out low-carb tortillas by Mission to wrap up a great meal. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Leekirs.. I like Mission wraps:)

  10. Since you asked…first let me say, “Bravo!” just for hanging in there & making your health a priority. Now, let’s look at a couple of aspects of your plan. First, we know sugar is EVIL. & I don’t see any in your plan, so that’s good. But did you know that pasta & other refined grains turn into sugar very quickly, & in the liver, they turn into fat! So, instead of pasta, I’d try doing something with quinoa and lots of great, healthy carbs. I’m talking about veggies. Since you want to build muscle, you’ll want to nourish your body well, & that means vegetables– good carbs for nutrients & energy. This will also help curb any cravings & balance your blood sugar. (Also, quinoa is high in protein.) Last, you’ll want to nourish & strengthen your cells & your brain with healthy fat. I’d recommend a fish oil supplement, & some foods like walnut, sardines, & avocado. Or ask another qualified nutrition coach– we all seem to pretty much agree about all this stuff. Whatever you do, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks a lot Mollie.. The pasta I use, is veggie pasta. I didn’t specify that. Is that ok?

      1. Good question. You can check the ingredient list. Most veggie pasta has very little actual vegetables in it. They are mostly for color. The main ingredient is still wheat (duram) flour. Sometime, give quinoa a try. Just be sure to rinse it really well (otherwise it has a slightly bitter flavor) & add some seasoning. It doesn’t have much taste by itself. It’s a good alternative to pasta, and really easy to cook, too. Have fun!

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