Update: Still Pressing Forward

Where have you been?  Shortly after Thanksgiving I got really sick and had to miss about a week in the gym.  As a result of the ONE week absence I hadn’t felt motivated to go back.  That one week turned into about 6 weeks!!  I’m planning on starting back tomorrow.

Have you eaten fast food?  No, I haven’t had any fast food.  However, I have found comfort in a host of other “bad” foods.

Have you maintained your weigh loss?  Yes and no.  While I’m not as big as my largest weight, I have gained about 10 lbs. from my lowest weight.

Where are you mentally in this process?  Well, I haven’t given up.  I realized before I embarked on this journey that it wasn’t going to be easy.  There have been some days where I really, really, wanted some fast food.  But, as I said, I haven’t given up.  I’m a little disappointed in myself for stalling my progress; however, I’m still pressing forward.

What factors do you see prohibiting your progress going forward?  Right now I’m in my last year working towards my undergraduate degree.  This demands a lot of work and energy, which will take away from my workout time.  However, I believe as long as I stay “clean” with the foods that I eat,  and workout when I can, that I will still see the success on the scale and in the mirror that I want to see.


Going, forward I intend to blog 2-3 times a month (every other week); however, I’ll be posting pictures and weigh-ins weekly.  I appreciate all of those who have reached out to me see how I was doing.  Know that I am still pressing forward…


  1. Tentacles of My Heart · · Reply

    Its been a while ……

    1. Yeah I know… School is kicking my butt right now.. So I’ve been forced to put this on the back burner.. for now…

  2. Sorry to hear you had a few days of being unwell during the end of 2012, but if it’s any consolation, I think most people out there struggled to eat clean and keep working at it through December (me included). Glad to see you are still alive and don’t give up! xx

  3. Hang in there. It is not easy, but it will be worth it. Stop by my blog and see if there are new healthy recipes I have been testing on my husband who loves to eat “bad”.

  4. You can do it! The first workout back after illness is always the hardest! The comfort food is hard for me to, post-illness or not. Best of luck on your journey!

  5. tentaclesofmyheart · · Reply

    You can do this. NEVER give up, even when you fall.

  6. Yeeeeeeaaaaa your back!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, the timing couldn’t have been better! My story is similar to yours, and I really needed to hear that I am not alone when it comes to struggling to get back on track.

    We CAN and WILL succeed! Thank you again 🙂

  8. Good for you for not giving up! I am still struggling with weight gain from Christmas as well. I wish you the best in the coming year.

  9. petit4chocolatier · · Reply

    Glad you are back! Looking forward to hearing about the gym again 🙂

  10. Welcome back!
    Thanks for visiting the blog…and permission to link!
    …I am signing up for the Tough Mudder run here in Va to help keep me focused on something I have to hit the gym to be ready for…it keeps me motivated because its a challenge I don’t want to fail at…and I’ve invested money to do it so there is no backing out…just thought the idea might help you out as well.

  11. Glad you are back. I am still struggling with being motivated to take off the pounds I gained over Christmas.

  12. Glad to hear that you are still pressing on! We all have setbacks, so you are in good company. Keep on keeping on!!

  13. As long as you can get back to it….you’ll be fine. It is when we fall off the wagon and never get back up that is the problem. Congratulations for getting back up! You are not alone in this journey!

  14. Good job on getting back on Track and keeping the commitment of no fries. You motivate people to push hard and do better.

  15. Welcome back! 🙂 glad ur back in the saddle! 🙂

  16. Glad to see you back. I know how missing one week can turn into six. I’ve been there too. The gym will be there when you’re ready. I notice after a hiatus, the body comes back stronger. Best wishes.

  17. Stay strong. It’s ok to fall off the wagon. The point is, you have to get back on. I believe you can. Now get to it!

  18. Just put one foot in front of the other…don’t look back and don’t beat yourself up. We are human and make mistakes, but we can also make choices! Congrats for choosing to get back on the path to a healthier you!

  19. You can do it!!!

  20. Good for you, welcome back and good luck going forwards x

  21. Welcome back. I missed your posts.

  22. I wish you good luck tomorrow at the gym, I’m sure you will do great! hope to see more updates and glad to see you posting and not giving up!

  23. Congratulations on pressing forward! It’s so amazing that you take you’re taking your health so seriously and you’re pressing on despite the challenges that lie ahead. Keep it up! 😀

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