Prelude to Pralines

So, I stepped on the scale today and I was a couple of pounds UP from last week’s weigh in.  As I prepare myself mentally to commit to this daunting challenge, I find myself experiencing a lot of anxiety over the deprivation of fast food as well as having to go see a doctor.  And like I stated before, I’m an emotional eater (step away from the Ice Cream!).  During this challenge I’m aware that the struggles for me are going to be learning to (1) not eat when I’m emotional, and (2) not choose nutritionally deficient foods to subside my cravings.

I’ve decided to be proactive and write down all the times that I feel a craving for fast food and what emotion I’m experiencing at the time.  Doing this I believe will help me to learn if there is a pattern in the emotions that cause me to crave fast food.  I’m also going to give myself weekly goals and challenges to keep me focused on my long-term goals.

My Goals for Week 1 ending October 20, 2012

  • Lose 2 lbs.
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment
  • Complete Week 1 Challenge

My Challenge (and yours should you choose to accept it) for Week 1 ending October 20, 2012

  • Commit to burn more calories in a day (for 7 days) than you would normally burn from your everyday activities.  This could be from housekeeping, walking, exercise, weight training, stretching during the commercials of a one hour T.V. program, etc.  So long as it’s outside the norm of your daily routine.

For all those who have an android device or iphone, may I recommend downloading the app called ‘Fooducate.’  This app is great!  It allows you to scan different food items and then assesses it a grade based on nutritional content. It will also suggest healthier choices that are comparable to that product.  I’m not being paid to say this (Although I should) I just love the app and think it would be beneficial for those trying to make healthier choices in their diet.  I was shocked to find that a lot of the foods and drinks I was consuming were not the healthiest choices.

Good luck to anyone participating in this 365 day challenge, as well as those who are participating in this week’s weekly challenge.  While we know it won’t be easy, we know that it’s necessary.

Besides ummm making whoopie, what’s YOUR favorite way to burn calories?


  1. Hi to every one, as I am really eager of reading this website’s post to be updated regularly. It carries good data.

  2. I may have already said this, I am behind in my thank yous and my brain is just nuts right now, but thank you for finding my blog, liking and following. And this is a wonderful blog – inspiring to me!

  3. Thanks for following my blog. Post french fries looking good on here and we cannot have them. Unfair. lol

  4. Thanks for the tip off re the Fooducate app!

  5. Thanks for following my blog. This post is inspiring , but the french fries make me hungry.

    1. Sorry I did not think it would post my prior one.

  6. Just found about your blog from my BFF. I love it!!! I have battled with my weight for a lifetime, and I’ve just hit an all-time high number on the scale. I don’t even recognize myself in pictures anymore–that can’t be ME!!!! I’m on a regular workout schedule now, but my food is still a problem, so I’m grateful for the inspiration your offering. You rock!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much…give ur bff my regards:)

  7. Thank you for following my blog!! Keep up the good work. I quit smoking one year ago November 1st (cold turkey) after a lifetime of puffing. No pills, no patches just willpower. I wish you the best from someone that once weighed 300 and now I weigh 150. I lost an entire person and a nasty habit to boot!!

    1. Awesome story and very inspiring thank you so much!!

  8. Thank you for following my blog! Love the way you write in your blog, love hints of sarcasm. Feel exactly the way you do about food, so i cant wait to see how your adventure unfolds! Maybe i could get some tips. How can you live with that delicious wallpaper, makes me want to call mcdonalds right away! Good Luck!

  9. Thank you for following and I hope you can achieve your target week by week…Good luck.

  10. Just downloaded the app you suggested. I also use the app Lose it, which lets you plan your daily calorie intake and keep track of it. I always have Trader Joes Lime Popscicles in my fridge for those times I am craving something sweet, they are only 60 calories each and delicious! Good luck with everything!

    1. I gotta check “Lose It” out.. never heard of that..

  11. Thank you for following and good luck with your venture! My second most favorite activity is walking I am lucky enough to have hills and park right in front of my house.
    I am an emotional eater, too. Good snack is air popped popcorn without butter just some salt.

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  13. Hi and thanks for following my blog, although I’m not sure why you would! (I don’t post much, haha)
    I really like your blog. It’s lovely and funny and the slight randomness floating around is great. I am also struggling with my weight. Unfortunately I can’t exercise like I really want to because of a bum ankle but eating better is better than nothing. Good luck on your journey! I hope you reach all of your goals!


  14. pollyhogg · · Reply

    Hi there, just wanted to say thank you for following my blog, and to wish you all the best with your healthy eating journey…love your motivational quotes …

  15. woodentaste · · Reply

    Yes …I love it ..being positive…and if you’ve got to give a pound or two….JUST DO IT

  16. Thanks for suggesting the app Fooducate, I love the idea!. I just download it and will start using it. I will even write about it!

    1. Awesome!! I love it!

  17. · · Reply

    Stay strong, my friend. I love what you’re doing. I’ve dropped 30 pounds in the last year and have been pretty successful in keeping it off. Activity during the day is definitely important. My biggest key was NOT eating after 8pm….and if I do, I have a salad to fill me up. Lots and lots of veggies (carrots and snow peas). I wish you well. Stay healthy.

  18. JustWillinBmore · · Reply

    Man, I am glad I stopped through to see this. I am an emotional eater which most people find funny when a guy says it. But I too need to lose weight and get some of my numbers down, I have seen a doctor. So I wish you the best man as we both work on getting our weight in check.

  19. Sarah Jordan · · Reply

    I love your blog. I might die without fries but I admire you for your discipline.

  20. newdawn00 · · Reply

    I completely understand how you feel and I wish you the best of luck. I am not ashamed to admit that dieting actually makes me feel very low. I’m embarrassed to say I literally pine for bad food:o( It also makes me shockingly judgemental to the point of holding mini lectures to anyone who dares put an E-number into their bodies. That is my excuse for not dieting, although I am in a constant battle trying to at least cut down the amount of rubbish I eat. I do exercise to an extent, at least I walk everywhere and run around after 5 children but still the wait creeps on.

    So I wish you and any followers the best of luck and hope that one day in the future (after christmas I keep telling myself) I gain the courage to face the diet beast.

    1. Know I’ll be here to support you when you do:) Thank you for your encouragement

  21. Gardening is my favorite (next to making whoopie of course) not only do I burn calories, I can reap a harvest of organic veggies to feed my family. Talk about a win/win!

    1. I love that! My mothers use to get me and my siblings up every Saturday to go and help her in the garden. From there I’ve obtained a passion for watching, and nurturing something to fruition. Especially if it is healthy!

  22. Thanks for visiting me at thewellnessjourneyblog!

    Looking forward to reading about your journey through a healthy lifestyle. If there’s anything I can do to help just ask! And no worries about the pounds increase – if you’ve been lifting weights it may be that you’ve put on muscle and lost fat– which is AWESOME!!

  23. Thanks for visiting me at The Rugged Lane kitchen! I’m fairly new at the blogging world so all feedback is much appreciated. Good luck with the new healthy lifestyle. I found the paleo principles work well for me although it is a slippery slope……

  24. Glad you are following my blog. Hope you try some of my healthier recipes. My husband lost weight and lowered his cholestrol when he agreed to eat healthier.

  25. My favorite fat-burning exercise is running, but I can’t anymore. Bad knees. So I found a reasonable substitute in the Bowflex Treadclimber. It costs an arm and a leg, so I feel compelled to use it every single day! I miss a day here and there, but I still manage about 3 hours per week. At first I dropped ten pounds. That was a year ago. I haven’t lost an ounce since, but at least I haven’t gained.

    Good luck to you on your journey!

  26. Hi,
    Hang in there. It’s tough to go without some of those comfort foods at first, but after awhile you’ll stop craving them. It’s also been my experience that after you break the “addiction” that stuff won’t even be appetizing to you. Trust me when I say this is the hardest part. On a side note, you might try reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Nothing like getting a little advice from an expert on the subject. Good Luck!

  27. You can do it! Just keep going.

  28. Hi there,
    Thank you for liking my blog. I love all your enthusiasm. I can feel the excitement ooozing from your pages. I am certain that you will find lots of great info to support your journey. We focus on bumping up the nutritional content – which in turns helps to eliminate the cravings – and eliminating the bad things that create the crashes leading to the cravings.
    Don’t just eat to survive, EAT TO THRIVE !! Susan

  29. It’s always great to see someone not only setting goals, but making accountability a part of it!
    As far as burning calories, one of the easiest ways out there is walk your dog =0) They’ll get a kick out of it too!
    I pretty much have another way to help with health and nutrition – I’m addicted to organic farmers markets 🙂 Giving myself the goal to go through all of the fresh produce I purchase every week keeps me as a healthier eater, plus it takes away the want or need of my old favorites, breads and pastas.
    I wish you the very best on your journey!
    PS: also, thank you so very much for following my blog – that was really nice! Make sure to read the one about the Farmers markets… I bet it will get you motivated =0)

  30. thanks to know about the app.

  31. Hi and thanks so much for visiting my blog. I know my recipes are directed at empty nesters but the low glycemic foods that I am trying to stick to are really making it easier and easier not to crave the ‘not so good’ goodies. I’ve pretty much stopped grazing and after dinner snacking without even thinking about it. I hope you find some things there to help you reach your goals.

  32. I have been telling myself for months that, I too need to follow the goals you are setting for yourself. I will be following your progress and wish you the best of luck and hope that I can also stick to your challenges.

  33. Thanks so much for liking my post. I love your blog too and am also struggling with trying to lose weight and fighting against wanting to do holiday baking!!! Oh the fight, which will win? I keep telling myself, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, but those sweets keep tempting me!

  34. Hi and thank u for visiting my blog. I really know how difficult is have a challange withna scale so I wish you all the best! like the ratatouille, you can find lots of good recipe, healthy, low fat and, the most important thing, really good!

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